The Ink Spot blog Nonprofit Video Goes Viral - A dream come true except for one missed detail

The Ink Spot Blog | Nonprofit Video Goes Viral - A dream come true, except for one missed detail.

Nonprofit's video goes viral - A dream come true, except for one missed detail.
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Short videos are an excellent means for advertising. They are easy and inexpensive to create, perfect for nonprofit organizations. Clever and entertaining videos can even go viral. But the novice should take note. Even viral videos can go terribly wrong.

This cute, nonprofit video has quite a story. Made with just $32 and a bunch of volunteers, it went viral world wide with the pet adoption shelter receiving feedback from folks everywhere thanking them for making their day. Some even admitted thinking twice about their mission of pet adoption.

Unfortunately, the video also caused quite a stir when the original song writers called it commercial use of their hit song and refused to allow it to be used. If you are considering a lip dub video like this one, be sure to read this story and learn from their experience. There are two lessons here. While this is an awesome, fun, and creative use of volunteers to support a mission and achieve a goal, always watch out for copyright. Don't assume everyone is on board.

Here is a working link to the video (as of this posting):

And here's the complete story behind the video:

Renée Paquette, Director and Nonprofit Consultant at Digital Ink Web Creations