e-Learning Development

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What does E-Learning look like in YOUR business?
Imagine the possibilities . . .

Think about it. How can YOU engage your customers, club members, donors, staff, community, and web site visitors? By combining mobile technology with rapid development tools, we think the possibilites are endless!

Why Choose Us

Rapid Development Tools with HTML5 Output

We use Articulate Storyline, the most popular platform for today's mobile technology. We invite you to glance over the slides we've shared and consider e-learning to engage your customers and staff. Rapid translates to affordable and with mobile technology, the possibilities are endless!

From Learner Analysis to Evaluation

We love creating a learning environment that meets your objective AND engages your target audience. We use the ADDIE model of instructional design: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate.

Managed LMS (Learner Management System) or Not!

We can set up your LMS with Articulate Online, or hand over the complete course for your own LMS implementation. Not everyone needs an LMS. Mini courses that do not require tracking can easily be made available on your website! We think that opens doors to all sorts of possibilities for small businesses. From in-house training solutions to engaging your online audience.

We're Teachers, and we're Geeks!

We're professional educators and web developers. We know how to combine fun and learning. We honestly enjoy turning your subject matter into engaging, interactive, successful online training!


Digital Ink LLC is a trained developer using the new Articulate Storyline. We love this tool so much, we could do it all day long!

We work with you to create interactive content for your training, communication and information needs. Proud elearning developer for the Michigan Association of Counties, check out these eye-popping slides taken from courses we created in our studio.


Member Benefit Exploration

This short course goes into a detailed exploration of member benefits for a state-wide organization, the Michigan Association of Counties. It includes interactive engagement as well as several short case studies. Click on the link below to preview this course.
MAC 101 - An Exploration of Member Benefits

Other Course Titles We've Developed
  • County Finance 101 - Introduction to County Finance
  • Establishing a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
  • Michigan's County Incentive Program - FY 2013
  • Michigan's Open Meetings Act
  • Michigan's State Budget Process and Appropriations