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Digital Ink Web Creations
Digital Ink clears the way with a new name!

We are excited to announce a slight change to our company name. Now known as Digital Ink Web Creations, we hope this modification helps to clarify what we do for fun!

We have a “logical explanation” of why we chose the name Digital Ink when we first opened our doors in 2010.

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natural link building 101
Google's Algorithms - The New Math is Elementary

We’ve all heard the buzz about Google changing their algorithms, but what does that mean for us small business folks? To some, it sounds like we need to hire a mathematician to manipulate the new algorithms in our favor, magically securing our high ranking in the search engines. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Google now says, “Don’t feel obligated to purchase a search engine optimization service.”

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perfect age to learn to type
What's the Perfect Age to Learn to Type?

Here's what we know. Proper keyboarding requires the ability to comfortably use all 10 fingers and mastery takes place with continued practice. We also know that the speed at which a typist transitions from keying letter-by-letter to keying words and phrases to be 25 words per minute (wpm). That means a student needs to type well past that threshold, at least 35-40 wpm, before they can mentally comprehend their own typed text! So what is the perfect age? We've taught hundreds how to type and you'd be surprised!

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promoting offline
Offline Significance in an Online World

Have you ever wondered how people actually arrive at a website? Do they click a link, conduct a search, already know about the site, or some other means? Surprisingly, statistics from Google suggest that only 27% of folks end up on a website having searched for it and a whopping 36.5% actually type in the web address they want to visit. That's about four out of ten.

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website assessment
C.L.I.C.K. System for Website Assessment

Internet psychologist and author Graham Jones, provides a simple checklist for assessing your company’s web site. We love the way it puts the focus on the audience experience by aspiring to these distinguishing qualites found in good website designs: Convenient, Likeable, Informative, Customized, and Knowlegeable.

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pet adoption
Nonprofit's video goes viral - A dream come true, except for one missed detail.

Short videos are an excellent means for advertising. They are easy and inexpensive to create, perfect for nonprofit organizations. Clever and entertaining videos can even go viral. But the novice should take note. Even viral videos can go terribly wrong.

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online safety for families
Online Safety Tips for Seniors

Kids aren't the only ones who should "play it safe" online. We all should. Look over these safety tips for Seniors.

  • 1. Keep your web browser updated. (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) Current versions include protection you need against hackers.
  • 2. Pay attention to your anti-virus software. Keep it updated and renew your subscription BEFORE it expires.

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